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Lamoka Lake


We had the chance to take the canoe out for the afternoon this past Sunday. You may recognize the canoe in the banner as being the family canoe that use to reside at the camp in Old Forge. The canoe now belongs to Dale, but we are canoe sitting until they can get it to Tennessee. Until then, we thought we would take advantage of having it in our possession. We found a little lake in the Southern Finger Lakes in a paddle guide that sounded like a perfect outing. It was called Lamoka Lake.



Once we got out on the water there was an Island calling to be explored.



A quick internet search indicated that there were suppose to be some pretty big bass in the lake but we didn’t have much luck finding any of them.


Sean had taken the opportunity to throw out a line while we were beached on the island.

skipping rocks

Nathan took the opportunity to go for a little swim and to skip some rocks.


It was a wonderful day to be out on the water. We also felt more confident about putting a canoe on our car a setting out for a day trip from home such as this. We can see ourselves doing this more often in the years to come.


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It wasn’t the best of weather for the beach Monday afternoon, but we made the best of it. The boys had been looking forward to going to the beach.

Here are a couple of happy Yankee fans at the beach.

Nathan had an unfortunate dancing incident (hip-hop in the living room) a week before we went camping, that limited his efficiency and options at the beach.

It didn’t dampen his spirits though. He got right to work building a sand town.

Soon to be proclaimed Crazy Town.

It can’t be a town without a river. Sean got right to work on that.

It is a lot of work to keep the river running.

After an afternoon at the beach it was time to start preparing the campfire for s’mores.  Life is good!

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