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Light of Christ

Today was a very special day for Nathan. Today’s Sunday Mass was the culmination of the many hours of work that he and two of his fellow scouts completed independently over the past few months. Two boys worked toward the Parvuli Dei Emblem and Nathan fulfilled requirements for the Light of Christ Emblem. It is a very special award in scouting as it is one of the few honors that move along with them as they make the transitions from Cub Scouts, to Boy Scouts, and into their adult scouting life.


Above the boys received their pins as part of the Sunday liturgy.  Thank you, big brother Sean for being our photographer and for being supportive of Nathan.


After Mass the boys had a photo-op with Fr. Paul and their Scout Master.

Nathan in Archway between rectory and church

We took a few moments around the grounds of the school and church to get a few more pictures. Here Nathan takes pause in the archway between the church and the rectory.

Nathan near school

Nathan near StFrancis garden

We are very proud of him.


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Sean celebrating his 10th birthday on St. Patrick’s Day. 


Nathan racing by on his new skate board…oh dear.


Sean took his support for the Syracuse Orange to the next level.


If you look closely, his new braces are sporting the SU colors.


After a lot of hard work, Nathan earned his Wolf badge.


Nathan (and Steve) recently built a new bird house for our yard.


It was hung with care on Tuesday evening.


…and to our delight, the house had its first traffic on Thursday. 

Also on Thursday, Nathan’s class reenacted the Last Supper in costume.  Click below to link to his teacher’s web site and see Thursday’s slide show, and several others!http://www.myteacherpages.com/webpages/SSchading/

We hope you have a wonderful Easter!

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Sean wrapped up the basketball season today with an appearance in the 2009 Boys and Girls Club all star game. He worked hard all season long, and the fruits of his labor really shined today.


Here is Sean filling the wing on the fast break.


Here is Sean playing defense. He had the task of guarding one of the leading scorers in the league. He did a great job.

Sean will have a few weeks off before he dons his basball glove and starts Little League baseball.

stephanie_before_front   stephanie_before_back

Another all star in the family is Stephanie. This past week she finally reached a goal that she has been working toward for quite some time. Her hair was finally long enough to donate to “Wigs 4 Kids”, an organization that you can donate your hair to for the purpose of making wigs for cancer victims. She has had some close friends and co-workers that have lost their battles with cancer in recent years.

stephanie_after_back   stephanie_after_front

Here is her new hair “do” after the donation.

Our all star Cub Scout in the family is Nathan. He has been working really hard and has nearly completed everything that he needs to do to earn the Wolf Badge.


This afternoon he worked toward that badge by spending some time in the park behind our house cleaning up the trash left behind from the windy and snowy winter.


We would be remiss if we didn’t mention one more all star in the family, and that is “Coach Steve”.  Steve has worked hard with Boys and Girls Club 3/4 grade “Team Black”, spending just about every Tuesday and Thursday evening, and Saturday morning with them since November.  And they came so far! Above he directs the kids on a play. 


At the end of the last practice, Steve treated each of the kids to a bottle of Gatorade, and then distributed special award certificates customized with a quality that they exhibited throughout the season.  In the photo above, Steve explains why each player received his/her award.  Each award had a quality such as “Hustle”, “Perserverance”, “Positive Attitude”, “Most Improved”, and for Sean: the “Dedication” Award.  This ceremony was a great way to wrap up the season and we are all proud of our favorite coach.

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Nathan’s Adventures

Nathan recently participated in his second pinewood derby along with his fellow cubscouts. He and Steve had a lot of fun building the 2009 addition of his car.


Here Nathan is afixing the tire to the “rocket”


Here is Nathan posing infront of the track where all of the drama was to unfold. He ended up finishing 17th overall, which was in improvement from 19th last year.

Earlier in January, Nathan was the talk of the town.


He was front page news in the local newspaper. It wasn’t for anything bad, although he had just put a pie in the face of Sean’s teacher as they were having some “fun and games”  to commemorate Catholic Schools week in their school.


Nathan also wrapped up his basketball program at the local YMCA. He improved tremendously over the past several weeks.



In fact, it looks like he is running the whole offense.

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On the topic of Cub Scouts, Nathan has done some interesting things recently.


One activity was a tour of the fire station.

Here Nathan and his fellow Cub Scouts are getting an “inside look” at some of the equipment.



And as the final highlight of his first year in Cub Scouts, Nathan earned the Tiger Badge. He has worked hard all year to fulfill the requirements for this achievement. We are very proud. http://www.scouting.org/CubScouts/Awards/Adults/advancement.aspx?print=1


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Our Memorial Day observance began today with the customary community parade in which Nathan proudly donned his Pack 5 Cub Scout uniform and made the march for the first time to the city war memorial.

From there we went down to Seneca Lake State Park where the traveling Vietnam Wall Memorial Exhibit was displayed for the holiday weekend.

Nathan seemed to take a particular interest in visiting the wall as it had been a topic of discussion in his class at school. He felt compelled to trace the names of two of the veterans that lost their lives in Vietnam. He chose Alton B. Munn and Gary R. Holt and we will be making a special effort today to keep them in our mind and prayers.

God Bless America and all those who have fought for it and given their lives for it.

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When we noticed in the newspaper that a young man was collecting “pre-owned” bicycles for his Eagle Scout project, we thought it would be the perfect use for the two bicycles we had outgrown.  With no cousins able to use the bikes at the present time, we thought someone in Geneva might enjoy them.  It took us a little time to make arrangements with the young man.  It was important to us that Nathan be home so he could meet Stephen D. in case he might inspire him to stick with Cub/Boy Scouting through the years.  Stephen’s project involved cleaning up old bikes and making them available to kids at a local bicycle safety day.  Below are pictures of Stephen and then Nathan.

On Saturday, Nathan’s Cub Scout Den had the opportunity to go on a “Go See It” at the local radio station.  It was amazing to see where 8 different radio stations ranging from AM talk radio, to FM country, and rock,do their broadcasting.  Some even incorporate segments from radio stations around the U.S. via computer without missing a beat.  All this from a very small building! Our host, Greg Cotterill, who does the news, took a picture of the group and posted it on their web site on Saturday.  The site page is captured below.  Nathan is in the middle with the biggest grin.


Here they are from a different angle…

Can you tell from the smile below, that his Mom and Dad have a blog? (By the way…the hundreds of CDs, and formerly, records, in the background hardly ever get used anymore unless there is a special request…the majority of music is played via computer these days!)





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