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Weekend Activities

We have been having a lot of fun the past few weekends. They have been wonderful occasions to unwind after busy school weeks. One day trip that we went on was to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.


The boys were all smiles.


Don’t let the photo of the boys above fool you. Stephanie might be the biggest baseball fan in the family.


Grandma and Grandpa met us there too. Somehow, we neglected to get a picture of Susan and Dave who also joined us at the hall.


One could spend days at the Hall of Fame just going through the displays containing memories and stories of great yankee legends. There was some memorabilia from other teams as well. It was a great day.

Steve and the boys have also taken the opportunity to do a little fishing around the region in recent weeks.


Here is Sean on the shore of Cayuga Lake. The most recent header for our blog shows Nate on the pier of Seneca Lake.


Nate landed this nice largemouth bass.


At Cayuga Lake Sean landed this beauty!


Sean was gracious enough to let Steve hold his bass so that he would know what it is like to hold such a big fish.


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Lamoka Lake


We had the chance to take the canoe out for the afternoon this past Sunday. You may recognize the canoe in the banner as being the family canoe that use to reside at the camp in Old Forge. The canoe now belongs to Dale, but we are canoe sitting until they can get it to Tennessee. Until then, we thought we would take advantage of having it in our possession. We found a little lake in the Southern Finger Lakes in a paddle guide that sounded like a perfect outing. It was called Lamoka Lake.



Once we got out on the water there was an Island calling to be explored.



A quick internet search indicated that there were suppose to be some pretty big bass in the lake but we didn’t have much luck finding any of them.


Sean had taken the opportunity to throw out a line while we were beached on the island.

skipping rocks

Nathan took the opportunity to go for a little swim and to skip some rocks.


It was a wonderful day to be out on the water. We also felt more confident about putting a canoe on our car a setting out for a day trip from home such as this. We can see ourselves doing this more often in the years to come.

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morning fishing

This year, fishing took a higher priority than it has in past years. Dale can be thanked for that, as he has inspired the boys to want to fish more often.

Steve has been particularly interested in bass fishing this summer, and he has been determined to get himself photographed holding a big ole bass by the mouth. He caught one that fit the bill when we visited Long Lake over Memorial Day weekend, but there wasn’t a camera or anyone to get his picture with that one.

The second night of the Rollins Pond trip, Steve decided to throw a few casts just after sunset and another opportunity for that photo-op presented itself. As he landed the fish he urged Nathan to run up the hill to the campsite and grab the camera. When he returned he was ready to snap the picture.


This was Nathan’s first attempt at the photograph. At this point the bass was nicknamed “Bassquatch”. Steve tried to continue to hold the fish by the lip and help Nathan get the camera set so that the flash would go off.

bassquatch - 2

Steve struck the classic fishermans pose with the fish and Nathan snapped away. As Nathan tried to show Steve the picture of his fish the bass made a valiant flip and flop from the grasp of Steve’s fingers, eluding Steve of the postcard picture with a big ole bass. As you can clearly see though, the 15-20″ bass was certainly a memorable catch.


Tuesday morning was by far the best fishing of the week. Sean in particular had a great day. He  caught too many pumpkin seeds to count, and a few perch and a small bass.


On Saturday night Steve and Nathan headed out for a dusk fishing excursion.


Boy it was worth it too. Nathan landed this 13″ bull head all by himself. He still hasn’t stopped talking about it.

I think the boys have found a new pastime.

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Boys Being Boys


Nathan has been enjoying his “boyhood” as he has been practicing a lot with his Lacrosse team. Here he is in the black shorts defending his goal during a scrimmage.


Sean has been having the itch of a “hunter gatherer” as this picture demonstrates an eagerness to get the garden started.


We received  a wonderful invitation from Dale to travel over to Canandaigua Lake for a fishing outing for the boys.


Dale had the catch of the day with this 1lb. 5oz. bass.


Sean finished a close second with this 10 oz. crappie.


Nathan’s catch of the day was two bucks that he caught blowing around the parking lot at Applebees!

Here’s to boys being boys….arr arr arr!

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