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Don't Worry

On  the front porch looking up.


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After…. pretty incredible, it really only took them one week.

If you know of anybody that feels left out because they didn’t get to volunteer for the makeover or volunteers that are having withdrawl because the project is complete, let us know because we still have work to do on the front porch and painting to get finished around our house.

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Weekend Project

Over this past weekend, Steve took a break from the familiar tasks of priming and painting the plaster and lath and focused on a project that has been in the works (and in our garage in the place where a car might otherwise go) for over a year.  The project has been refinishing a dresser that once resided at the family camp in Old Forge.   This project has also invited us to stroll down memory lane.


In the picture above, Steve’s mom and grandmother are enjoying a sunny summer day at the camp. It was Steve’s grandmother and grandfather that purchased the camp in the 1960’s. I’m sure that they knew that they were going to enjoy spending time up there, but we cannot imagine that they could have known how much fun, relaxation and peace their retirement investment would bring to their grandchildren and great grandchildren over the subsequent 40 years.


Above Nathan is enjoying a smore (or could that be just the chocolate part?) on one of the many occasions that we enjoyed the camp as a family.


Above, Sean and Nathan (4 and 2 at the time) are getting ready to head out in the canoe after creating some great sandcastles.   


Above, Sean concentrates on fishing.  Below, Mom holds Joann, and stands next to Sue, Pam and Bob in front of the kitchen door on a winter visit to Old Forge in the late 1960s.  Stephen was still just a twinkle in her eye.


When the time came to part with the camp in 2006, we had the opportunity to bring home a few memories. One of which was the dresser. For those that had stayed at the camp, you may not recognize it right away without the mirror hanging behind it. It was the dresser that was in “Mom and Dad’s” room.  


Now the dresser restoration is finally complete and it has become a part of our room.  It is guaranteed to bring back many fond memories of a wonderful place.  As we pull open the drawers, we will remember the hands of those that have pulled open the drawers before us and touched our lives over our lifetime and beyond.


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This past weekend Sean and Nathan were lucky enough to have another 3 day weekend. This time the occasion was a teachers conference day for Monday. While it was a familiar feeling for the boys, the roles were reversed for the parents as Steve was the lucky one to get the day off, and Stephanie had to head off to work. Over the weekend we had two occasions to play some new board games. The game that we played Saturday night was a version of I Spy.


As you can see below, Nathan won this hand and the game proved to be a fun challenge for family members of all ages.


On Sunday night we broke out the game Bug-opoly, a twist on the classic game Monopoly well suited for the budding entomologists in the family.


We also made considerable progress in Nathan’s room makeover in the past week. Window sash cords were repaired.


The trim got painted, the curtains were returned, and the floor got waxed.  Yes, we repainted the window trim Mardi Gras Orange. Originally all of the room baseboards and trim in the room were that vintage color, undoubtedly from the fabulous Seventies. When we first moved in, we suggested to Nathan that it might be a way for him to express his fondness for Syracuse athletics. He agreed, and when we finally got to restoring his room, he was strongly in favor of retaining some of the Mardi Gras Orange trim.   Go SU!


Not to be lost in the picture above is the little table by the window. There are three generations of history worn into that table. It was originally Stephanie’s mother’s table as a child, although it appears as though her sister Sharon attempted to lay claim to it as her name is inscribed on the underside. Stephanie can neither confirm nor deny whether she was the owner of the piece of chewing gum that is permanently tucked away under the table. It has received a few new coats of paint over the years. Stephanie’s grandfather painted it a sunny yellow color before imparting it to her when she was a young girl. While the table has been in our posession for a while now, it was the perfect time to refresh it with a new coat of paint, brightening it for the latest little soul that graces its seat.


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