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We spent our 4th of July afternoon on the eastern shore of Seneca Lake at Sampson State Park. It was our first time visiting there even though it is only 20 minutes from our front porch.


Our first stop inside the park was the memorial museums remembering the men and women that served our Navy and Air Force during World War II. Over 350,000 military personnel traveled through this site when it was a basic training facility for the Navy and Air Force in the 40’s and 50’s. It was closed as a military base in 1956 and became a state park in the late 60’s. The museum was added in 1995.


Here Nathan checks out the park through the periscope that extends up above the museum.


Sean spent a little while in an F-16 trainer. We met a very nice veteran who explained some of the functions of different things. Apparently once trainees demontrated enough knowledge and skill in the trainer, they get a chance to become a real F-16 pilot. Not very many make it beyond the trainer. Sean got a little concerned when he explained the process of getting ejected from your jet when your plane is going down.


We took a walk down by the docks and marina. It was so windy and choppy on the lake, it looked as though even the sea gulls weren’t sure if they should dare take flight.


Stephanie and Sean holding onto each other so they wouldn’t blow away.


From there we took a few moments to have a snack and play in the picnic area.NateLaxAtSampsonSteveLaxAtSampson

Steve and Nathan had a moment to play Lacrosse. As it turns out the Seneca Indians had a village on this site until the 1600’s when they were run out of town.


No 4th of July would be complete without bundling up and heading out for some pyrotechnics.

We hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday weekend!


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Well, the spring sports season has been going strong for over a month now for the boys. Sean is playing his third year of Little League baseball, and Nathan is in is first year of Lacrosse.

This morning there was a “Lax on the Lake” lacrosse tournament in Penn Yan – which was a confusing title since you couldn’t see any lakes from the fields.  Apparently Keuka Lake was just past the trees. The boys played three games throughout the day and played great, finishing the day 2-1.


The best win of the day came against Ithaca 4 to 3. Here Nathan, or “Nate” on the lacrosse field, puts a move on one of the Ithaca players.


Here Nate is on attack!


Sean’s team is off to a great start this year with a record of 7-2. Above, Sean is catching. We are very proud of the leadership that he is demonstrating on the field with his younger team mates.


Sean has helped his teams in many aspects. Here he is on the mound.

While their participation seems to keep our family busy this time of year, the boys both seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Hope you and your families are having a wonderful Spring too.

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