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We celebrated Easter in Saratoga Springs in 2009.


Here are the boys all cleaned up and ready for church.


Stephanie’s Mom and Dad treated the family to an Easter brunch in Lake George.


Thanks Mom and Dad.


“Is that a chocolate fondu fountain?”


“Yes, it is a chocolate fondu fountain!”


On the way out of town, Sean was very excited to get a close up look at Fort William Henry. They have been studying the American  Revolution in his classroom. Here are some pictures from the schools website showing the model of a British fort that the class constructed.


We hope you continue to have a wonderful and fruitful Easter Season.


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Nathan’s Adventures

Nathan recently participated in his second pinewood derby along with his fellow cubscouts. He and Steve had a lot of fun building the 2009 addition of his car.


Here Nathan is afixing the tire to the “rocket”


Here is Nathan posing infront of the track where all of the drama was to unfold. He ended up finishing 17th overall, which was in improvement from 19th last year.

Earlier in January, Nathan was the talk of the town.


He was front page news in the local newspaper. It wasn’t for anything bad, although he had just put a pie in the face of Sean’s teacher as they were having some “fun and games”  to commemorate Catholic Schools week in their school.


Nathan also wrapped up his basketball program at the local YMCA. He improved tremendously over the past several weeks.



In fact, it looks like he is running the whole offense.

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Summer Season Wrap Up

Well, the summer season of 2008 has officially come to a close in our household.

Nothing says the end of summer more than spending a day at “The Great New York State Fair”.

You can’t make a trip to the fair without checking out the butter sculpture in the dairy building.  This year the cow is jumping over the moon and of course the dish is running away with the spoon!

And you certainly can’t go in the dairy building without procuring some of NYS’s finest ice cream!

One of the added bonus of going to the fair on the last day is that the sand sculpture is done.

After a day at home getting all of the school supplies together…

It was off to school for the boys!  Hooray!

It looks as though the rigor of the first week of 2nd grade has taken it’s toll on Nathan.

We hope you have enjoyed a wonderful summer!

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Sean’s First Report

All of Sean’s hard work on his first research project  culminated this morning with him turning in a written report and poster.


 Here is some of what he learned.


Gr. 3

Social Studies Report

 NY State Agricultural Experiment Station        

The history of the Experiment Station was cool. The Experiment Station opened in 1882. It opened on Preemption road in Geneva, NY. They opened it “for the purpose of promoting agriculture in its various branches by scientific investigation and experiment.”  

They do experiments on vegetables, fruits, bugs, and more. For example, “They attempt to find ways to improve yields; provide uniform maturity; produce a high-quality product; treat seeds to protect against pests; and protect the environment.”        

Many people work at the Experiment Station. I know a lot of them. My Dad works there and a neighbor worked there until he retired. My Dad works in the Entomology Department. He does research with grape berry moths for grape growers. Dr. Rosario Provvidenti, (our neighbor) is “world famous for his discovery and use of many genes used to make crops resistant to plant diseases.”

The experiment station recently celebrated it’s 125th anniversary and is one of the things that brought our family to Geneva. 

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