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Weekend Activities

We have been having a lot of fun the past few weekends. They have been wonderful occasions to unwind after busy school weeks. One day trip that we went on was to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.


The boys were all smiles.


Don’t let the photo of the boys above fool you. Stephanie might be the biggest baseball fan in the family.


Grandma and Grandpa met us there too. Somehow, we neglected to get a picture of Susan and Dave who also joined us at the hall.


One could spend days at the Hall of Fame just going through the displays containing memories and stories of great yankee legends. There was some memorabilia from other teams as well. It was a great day.

Steve and the boys have also taken the opportunity to do a little fishing around the region in recent weeks.


Here is Sean on the shore of Cayuga Lake. The most recent header for our blog shows Nate on the pier of Seneca Lake.


Nate landed this nice largemouth bass.


At Cayuga Lake Sean landed this beauty!


Sean was gracious enough to let Steve hold his bass so that he would know what it is like to hold such a big fish.


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… but you can’t take the country out of the boy.

You may or may not remember seeing Sean in a previous post when he prepared the soil for his pototoes in the spring. As it turns out this was the fruits of one of his three potato plants that he started. It’s not surprising that he has a green thumb when it comes to growing potatoes. He has the Irish genes, the Irish name, and an insatiable appetite for potatoes.


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Well, the formal league and post season play has now come to an end for Sean’s baseball season. The season culminated with his All Star team earning second place in the double elimination district tournament made up of 10 regional teams.

The team they faced in the championship had beat them earlier in the week in the semi-finals, putting Sean’s team in the position of needing to win the final game of the loser’s bracket on Wednesday night, which they did. 

As Thursday’s game time approached it was revealed that Sean was going to get the ball as the starting pitcher in the championship game. The opposing team in the championship game had scored 18, 21, 11, and 11 runs in the games leading up to this one. Needless to say, we, along with his coaches and teammates were anxious to see how Sean would manage this challenging situation. While they ultimately were not victorious in the end, Sean pitched the best game of his young career. He took a 1-1 tie into the 5th inning before giving up a few hits and turning the game over to the bull pen.



What a wonderful season it has been!

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Sean had the first All-Star game of his young career. His team played an outstanding game getting the win 14-2.


He personally had a great pitching outing, securing his team’s first win.

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We spent our 4th of July afternoon on the eastern shore of Seneca Lake at Sampson State Park. It was our first time visiting there even though it is only 20 minutes from our front porch.


Our first stop inside the park was the memorial museums remembering the men and women that served our Navy and Air Force during World War II. Over 350,000 military personnel traveled through this site when it was a basic training facility for the Navy and Air Force in the 40’s and 50’s. It was closed as a military base in 1956 and became a state park in the late 60’s. The museum was added in 1995.


Here Nathan checks out the park through the periscope that extends up above the museum.


Sean spent a little while in an F-16 trainer. We met a very nice veteran who explained some of the functions of different things. Apparently once trainees demontrated enough knowledge and skill in the trainer, they get a chance to become a real F-16 pilot. Not very many make it beyond the trainer. Sean got a little concerned when he explained the process of getting ejected from your jet when your plane is going down.


We took a walk down by the docks and marina. It was so windy and choppy on the lake, it looked as though even the sea gulls weren’t sure if they should dare take flight.


Stephanie and Sean holding onto each other so they wouldn’t blow away.


From there we took a few moments to have a snack and play in the picnic area.NateLaxAtSampsonSteveLaxAtSampson

Steve and Nathan had a moment to play Lacrosse. As it turns out the Seneca Indians had a village on this site until the 1600’s when they were run out of town.


No 4th of July would be complete without bundling up and heading out for some pyrotechnics.

We hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday weekend!

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Boys Being Boys


Nathan has been enjoying his “boyhood” as he has been practicing a lot with his Lacrosse team. Here he is in the black shorts defending his goal during a scrimmage.


Sean has been having the itch of a “hunter gatherer” as this picture demonstrates an eagerness to get the garden started.


We received  a wonderful invitation from Dale to travel over to Canandaigua Lake for a fishing outing for the boys.


Dale had the catch of the day with this 1lb. 5oz. bass.


Sean finished a close second with this 10 oz. crappie.


Nathan’s catch of the day was two bucks that he caught blowing around the parking lot at Applebees!

Here’s to boys being boys….arr arr arr!

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Sean wrapped up the basketball season today with an appearance in the 2009 Boys and Girls Club all star game. He worked hard all season long, and the fruits of his labor really shined today.


Here is Sean filling the wing on the fast break.


Here is Sean playing defense. He had the task of guarding one of the leading scorers in the league. He did a great job.

Sean will have a few weeks off before he dons his basball glove and starts Little League baseball.

stephanie_before_front   stephanie_before_back

Another all star in the family is Stephanie. This past week she finally reached a goal that she has been working toward for quite some time. Her hair was finally long enough to donate to “Wigs 4 Kids”, an organization that you can donate your hair to for the purpose of making wigs for cancer victims. She has had some close friends and co-workers that have lost their battles with cancer in recent years.

stephanie_after_back   stephanie_after_front

Here is her new hair “do” after the donation.

Our all star Cub Scout in the family is Nathan. He has been working really hard and has nearly completed everything that he needs to do to earn the Wolf Badge.


This afternoon he worked toward that badge by spending some time in the park behind our house cleaning up the trash left behind from the windy and snowy winter.


We would be remiss if we didn’t mention one more all star in the family, and that is “Coach Steve”.  Steve has worked hard with Boys and Girls Club 3/4 grade “Team Black”, spending just about every Tuesday and Thursday evening, and Saturday morning with them since November.  And they came so far! Above he directs the kids on a play. 


At the end of the last practice, Steve treated each of the kids to a bottle of Gatorade, and then distributed special award certificates customized with a quality that they exhibited throughout the season.  In the photo above, Steve explains why each player received his/her award.  Each award had a quality such as “Hustle”, “Perserverance”, “Positive Attitude”, “Most Improved”, and for Sean: the “Dedication” Award.  This ceremony was a great way to wrap up the season and we are all proud of our favorite coach.

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