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Well there is no question that we are at the crossroads between winter and spring. We cannot remember a March that had so many oscillations between winter and spring all squeezed into a single week.

The week started off with a beautiful day on Monday. Sean ran from the van when we got home to change into play clothes.


Nathan had a little bit of homework to do before he could join Sean, but he got it done and was able to join him in short time.


As they played outside the surroundings were starting to display more and more signs of the budding spring.


But just as quickly as spring had seem to come, Tuesday and Wednesday it slipped away as a late winter ice storm gripped the area and froze the spring activities in the driveway for the indefinite future.


Thursday brought another swing into the direction of spring as the bright sun worked away at thawing the ice that had coated the landscape.


But alas, Winter had a least one more punch for Friday into Saturday. Sean will have to wait a little longer for the rebound.


Nathan decided to make one last snowman with the wet heavy snow, hopefully the last of the season.


It got so cold again on Sunday that even the Snowman needed a hat and gloves. (I think I heard him say aahhhh… thanks, Nathan!)


And as the day started to come to an end, the quintessential sign of spring revealed itself. The season’s first Robin!


There is hope indeed that the end to this madness is near.


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The weather forecasters were right about Sunday, and so we stayed inside for the day.  One of the projects Nathan and Mom worked on was constructing this gingerbread house.  No gingerbread men jumped out and ran away……although we did wonder if it might happen!


Under Construction


A Great Smile and a Great Gingerbread House


Monday morning came and Steve donned the Carharts and snowblowed the driveway


Is the coffee ready yet?


Unfortunately, Steve didn’t get a snowday


Playing inside


Playing outside


Yummy hot chocolate all over the table, er… at the table

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