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We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that 2010 is a great year!

If you look closely you should recognize at least two of the performers.


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… but you can’t take the country out of the boy.

You may or may not remember seeing Sean in a previous post when he prepared the soil for his pototoes in the spring. As it turns out this was the fruits of one of his three potato plants that he started. It’s not surprising that he has a green thumb when it comes to growing potatoes. He has the Irish genes, the Irish name, and an insatiable appetite for potatoes.


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Back To School


“It’s the most…wonderful time…of the year….”

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Stephanie spotted and planned a wonderful outing for the family this past Sunday. We went snowshoeing at the Montezuma Audubon Center in Savannah, NY. The program was called stories in the Snow and included a brief presentation by a staff person about tracking wildlife, and a guided tour around the area by snowshoe.


Just having had several inches of Snow made for great snowshoeing and animal tracking conditions. Above are some of the numerous rabbit tracks that we encountered on the walk.

As we made our way around the trails an extraordinary story unfolded in the tracks in the snow. The “story in the snow” took an exciting turn when a “perfect stepper’s” tracks joined the “hoppers” tracks.


As we followed the tracks out of the woods into this opening Sean proclaimed to the group, “Its a murder scene!”

Yes the “perfect stepper” tracks that had been accompanying the rabbits tracks were those of at least one coyote. The story that we followed ended with the coyote getting its meal. The person guiding us described our outing as one of the best of the year for the amount of tracks that we encountered.

It has really inspired us to want to get out and enjoy nature and the snow more this time of year.

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Nathan’s Lacrosse Career


Nathan started a lacrosse clinic at the YMCA this morning. I think we may have unlocked some latent Native American heritage-related desire to play lacrosse. We think it just might be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. We can’t recall seeing him so excited about a sport as he has been this morning.


Don’t let the dimples fool you. The teeth(what’s left of them) and the style name of the stick – “Warrior” are probably the best indication of Nathan’s spirit on the field.


Once the clinic was over, we had to go straight to the store to get a lacrosse stick and a ball. He jumped out of the car and went right to the goal in the back yard and started shooting. He said, “See you later. I’ll probably be outside for the rest of the day. You can call me in for lunch.”

A very special thank you needs to go out to Aunt Pam, Uncle Brian, Dale, Lindsay and Jeffery for the inspiration and handing down the goal to the boys.

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We had a wonderful opportunity to spend much of the Columbus Day Weekend soaking up the sun on the Coast of Maine with Grandma, Aunt Susan and Dave. Our destination was Wells, Maine.

Our first pit stop was for lunch on Friday as we enjoyed the beautiful foliage along I-90 in the Berkshire mountains.

The traffic was pretty brutal between Hartford and Boston as we made our way toward Maine. While we were inching along, we noticed this “doodah” exercising his right to “live free or die” in NH as he rides without a helmet.

Saturday Morning we all put our feet in the ocean at one time or another. Here Nathan tries to at least keep one pant leg dry.

We learned all about tides while we were on the coast. Here Sean enjoys exploring a tidal pool formed during the low tide.

We also thought to bring our kites along for the trip. You may have noticed that both of the boys proudly donned their favorite Yankees attire even though we were in the “heart of the lions den” with regard to the “Redsox Nation.”  Is it still baseball season?  (Just kidding Grandpa)

Later in the day Saturday we traveled up the coast a little ways to Kennebunkport. Here Aunt Susan and Nathan pose in front of the Goat Island light house.

Kennebunkport was also made famous when our 41st president frequented the family estate on Walker’s point shown above.

On Sunday afternoon we took a stroll around the trail at the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge. The area is a Salt marsh which provides a pretty unique and dynamic ecosystem.

It provided a wonderful opportunity to soak up a beautiful afternoon.  Below Stephanie and Mom enjoy a beautiful sunrise.  

Thanks for inspiring a wonderful weekend Grandma/Mom.


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Snakes and Snails

Well it has been a pretty busy few weeks in our household as we have gotten into the full routine of school and started a fall soccer program at the Y.

Here Sean diligently completes his homework after school. We had a chance to visit their classrooms this past week and it sounds like they are both off to a very good start at school.

Another sure sign of a new school year and autumn is apple season. We had a chance to go to Steve’s work and pick some McIntosh apples and fall raspberries that we then transformed into a delicious raspberry apple crisp.

We also had the opportunity to finally catch up with cousin Dale who is going to school 30 minutes to our west. The boys were in awe of his cool bachelor’s pad. With the highlight being his pet ball python.

Sean was reasonably comfortable holding it long enough to snap a picture.  Perhaps he might have enjoyed the “X-Box” or dart board a little more than the snake………?

While Nathan got very comfortable with the snake and ended up with it over his shoulders before long. Dale surprised us later in the week as he left the newly molted snake skin in our mailbox for Nathan as he was traveling through Geneva. If any other cousins out there are looking for ways to get on Nathan’s most favorite cousins list, snakes skins and animal skeletons are a real in.

On another note, Nathan is no longer a contender in the quest for perfect attendance at school as he has already succumbed to the first cold of the season. He was home a couple of days last week when he made the best of it and broke out the play dough. The creatures he created were snails.

Lastly, Soccer season is upon us. Aside from the colds that seem to have impacted their endurance on the field a bit, they seem to be having fun Saturday mornings participating in the YMCA youth soccer program.

One of the highlights of participating in the Y soccer program is the annual clinic that they have each year with the Hobart Men’s Soccer Team. This is the third year that our boys have participated in the clinic and they always seem to love the activity and interaction with the student atheletes.

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